Our Services

Al Jazeera delivers full services with a personal touch. Our firm has expertise in all aspects of architecture engineering, design and management. We tracks emerging trends and adjust its services, organization and practice to suit the current business environment, government and social climates of our clients. We recognize their need to maximize facilities investment returns. We believe that tailoring the services we provide to each and every client is paramount not only to our clients success but to our ongoing relationships with them.


Provides a full range of architectural services, from initial concept to project completion. The working methods of the firm engender creative interaction between professionals who have mastered the diverse skills and bodies of knowledge necessary to the design and management of large and complex building and those who have a special and intimate understanding of the particular institution to be housed.

Schematic Design Phase

Begins with consultation between the owner and the architect to ascertain the requirements of the projects.

Prepares schematic design studies consisting of drawings and other documents illustrating the scale and relationship of the project components

The owner’s approval

Design Development Phase

Prepares the design development documents consisting of drawings, specifications, etc. to establish the size and character of the entire project

Mechanical and electrical systems, materials and other essentials are integrated and selected.

Construction Documentation

Documents are developed and prepared; this consists of the working drawings specifications and the necessary bidding information.

Assisting the owner in the preparation of bidding forms, the conditions of the contract, and the form of agreement between the owner and the contractor.

Construction Administration

Drawing review, record drawing preparation, quality assurance plans (QAP)

Construction consultation, surveillance, operation and maintenance information.

Planning ( Project Management)

Provides planning experience and that includes planning for any size projects, The urban and campus planning services offered by the firm include site analysis and selection, land-use analysis, community interface, neighborhood development, and public review.

Project management has a broader scope that basic architectural services. It begins in the pre-design/site analysis phase and continues through post-construction. For each client, the involvement differs, We select and tailor the services to meet management’s individual needs, regardless of the type and scope of the project.

Project management encompasses

  • Project planning
  • Budgeting and cost estimating
  • Scheduling
  • Alternative delivery methods

Interior Design

Al Jazeera is committed to the highest design quality in everything. Our goal is creating structures and environments of lasting beauty and functionally. We design to capture the imagination, list the sprit and move the emotions to support and respect the natural environment.

As part of a fully integrated approach to design, the firm offers complete interior design services:

Strategic Planning

Takes the information gathered in the programming process and expresses it in the footprint of the available space. The adequacy and effective utilization of the space can be studied, together with alternative relationships and locations for various departmental/functional groups.

Space Planning

Develops the detailed requirements of the various functional tasks in each group expressing them in terms of workstations, offices, and support spaces.

Studies alternative arrangements within each group to maximize efficiency, both in space utilization and workflow.

Furnishings Design and Specification

Applies specific manufactured items to meet the requirements of the space plan.

The firm has considerable experience of furniture systems, as well as many conventional furniture lines, and can help select the combination of items that will best meet both your functional and budgetary needs.

Finishes and Materials Selection

Completes the interior environment by selecting and specifying the necessary building finishes components.

In Addition to their aesthetic appearance, materials are selected for their compatibility with existing and new furnishings, as well as for their durability and suitability for their intended use.