About Us

About Al Jazeera

Architecture of any city is considered to be a unique combination of values and imagination; it reflects the interaction between man and society. Dubai City of Surprises and Excitement has emerged as a city. Which gives way to modern life with a flavor of its age-old values and traditions. The modern architecture of Dubai gathers its roots from a historical heritage. Which gives an expression of the intellectual creativity of human societies over various ages of civilization.

Al Jazeera Architect Engineering and Interior Design inventive and contemporary in spirit yet mindful of tradition. We Al Jazeera team responsive to  social, historic and natural environment to support the vision of Dubai.

We are a network of design professionals dedicated to providing architectural services with a strong presence and network of professional consultants strategically located in the city of Dubai. UAE. The practice of Al Jazeera Architect Engineering and Interior Design was founded at Dubai in 2003 and features talented design professionals from around the world with local expertise in Community facilities, commercial, manufacturing and residential projects and buildings.

Our Vision

“To explore and create architecture unique to client needs and dreams”.

Our Mission

“To provide designs that take into account site characteristics by utilizing ecological sustainable design solutions & creating architecture that is stimulating & exciting to live & work in”

Our Goals

Industry Leadership

To be the leading architecture, engineering, and interior design firm by offering the broadest range of design and design management services, with the highest levels of expertise and quality.

Exceeding the expectations for excellence

To offer services that exceeds the expectations of the client by seeking to understand the client requirements and build on it.

Investing in the best people

To attract and maintain people of the highest quality and integrity by providing a professional environment that creates outstanding opportunities and reward.

Building the future

To seek and obtain opportunities for business expansion, by using our financial success to invest in the firm.